Was just reading about the PSP and the DS.

I hear that while both have had dead pixel issues, Nintendo has publicly apologized and said they’ll gladly replace any DS’s with said issue for free.

Whereas Sony has made no such apology, and also said they won’t replace the dead pixeled systems.

I also heard a new one besides ejecting media: controls falling off.

This true? Any sources on this?

Looking your way, [info]rorita. ;)

LBD “Nytetrayn”

Edit: From the same thread:

>Unlike Sony, and unlike Microsoft, Nintendo makes money on each piece of hardware sold.

What I’ve noticed most about mindless nintendo fanboys, is that they constantly try to pass off outright lies as fact.

Sony makes a profit off their hardware. Microsoft breaks even. The gamecube sells at a profit. The DS sells at a loss.

Nintendo is no different from any other company. You do not need to lie about them. Miyamoto will not come to your hourse, put his mouth on your penis, and hum the zelda theme.

The bolded part made me laugh out loud.