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….I still think the elevator to the moon is the most ridiculous thing CAPCOM has come up with for the X series. >>

My reply is thus:

The irony is astounding. So much science fiction, and one of the times they do something actually grounded in real-life factual scientific theory, they get blasted for it.

I guess we just need more Time Stoppers, Evil Energy aliens, teleporters, beam sabers, and stuff to make people forgive…

Incidently, according to Heatman, “Arthur C. Clarke already did a book about an orbital elevator called The Fountains of Paradise. It gives a lot of details about how the device would work. Clarke is also one of the smartest and most scientifically respectable men on Earth. He was knighted.”

Heatman also added this quote: “His most important contribution may be the conception that geostationary satellites would be ideal telecommunications relays.”

I’d also like to add that one should bear in mind that a mere 100 years ago, things such as computers, TV, cloning, orbital elevators, and even automobiles were all pipe dreams. Remember that Mega Man X does not take place today, but over 100 years in the future.

Just something to bear in mind before writing off X8 as hogwash there.

And incidently, from what Heatman and I can find, Capcom of Japan has called it an orbital elevator, not an actual “elevator to the moon,” though I can see where part of that would come from, given the device’s purpose in helping humans to migrate to the moon. Of course, he and I haven’t played it yet, lacking PS2s, but from the beforehand knowledge that most people seem to base this stuff on, we seem to be on equal footing with others slinging mud, and so far, it seems legit.

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