Just finished watching GI Joe: Valor Vs. Venom. Strange, I thought it was supposed to be done by a Japanese studio, but the closest thing I saw to any sort of Asian in the “Making of” feature was the VA for Dr. Mindbender.

Overall, not a bad movie. A little jarring, after being used to certain portrayals of certain characters, but overall very pleasing. The choice to cast the new Starscream as the new Cobra Commander is such an obvious one, yet one you’d have to wonder if they would make. Fortunately, they did, and I found him every bit as entertaining as the original(R.I.P., Chris Latta).

Don’t remember Gung Ho with the Cajun accent(nicely played by Scott McNeil), or General Hawk sounding so… I dunno, I want to say Southern, but I’m not sure that was it.

Baroness was spot on, and Destro was excellent, though he looked more like he was wearing a head covered of silver paint/make-up, rather than his chrome mask. The voice was perfect, however, another great job by Mr. McNeil.

I found High Tech pretty amusing, and Duke was good, too. My favorite stuff, though, I think was Snake-Eyes and the ninjas, Kamakura, Jinx, and Storm Shadow. Some day, I’ll find out why SS went back to Cobra…

Dr. Mindbender was an odd change, but one I grew to like by the end of the movie.

The weirdest thing to me, though, was that Shipwreck sounded Mexican to me somehow.

Oh, and I prefered the old B.A.T.S.

And btw, wasn’t Slash originally named “Dice,” as in, “Slice and Dice?”

Now, I need to find Spy Troops…

LBD “Nytetrayn”