Cool: A home port of SVC Chaos: SNK Vs. Capcom

Suck: It’s only on XBox(fuck YOU, SCEA, and your stupid Compu-Nazi policies).

Cool: Still being able to play it at work on occassion, and getting PAID for it, provided a customer is involved.

Suck: Various other stipulations involved.

Cool: Playing 2-player

Suck: Playing 1-player(CHEAP!)

Cool: Playing as Mega Man Zero.

Suck: Only sorta feels like Mega Man Zero. What, no tri-slash? No charge shot(other than a Super Move)

Cool: Unlike many secret characters, he has a story.

Suck: That story seems to make less sense than what people can make of the regular MM games. “Humans are my enemy,” what? They also didn’t bother to research enough to know that Irregulars are known as “Mavericks” here.

Cool: Even Ciel is there.

Suck: Half the time, they spell it “Shell.”

Cool: Seems to be a pretty solid port.

Suck: Including the typos.

Cool: Classic 2-D Street Fighter/KOF-type action.

Suck: Being the only person in the store on a Friday night who remembers that stuff.

Cool: Lots of neat moves.

Suck: Seems they don’t connect half the time.

Cool: Dan!

Suck: Dan’s taunt. Or rather, the seeming lack thereof. Among a few other moves. That, or they just don’t seem to work like they used to.

Cool: Dimitri…

Suck: …but not Morrigan.

Cool: Athena in a bikini.

Suck: Not having the opportunity to play that far.

LBD “Nytetrayn”