w00t! MegaMan X7 voices in English(under “Media”)!

Axl sounds boyish, perhaps a slight bit TOO much so. Still, it’s comparable to Legends’ MegaMan, who is about the same age. So it works.

Zero’s jarred the hell out of me. The grunts and oofs were good, but actually hearing him speak… my god. Not bad by any means, but it just totally took me by surprise, much as X6’s Zero did. Still, they’re fairly comparable, and I can sort of see it working. Hard to associate with some of the “zanier” Zero renditions, but it works for Capcom’s version of the character.

Alia… I like it :)

I just hope X will be a happy balance between Axl and Zero’s voices, Sigma has a sort of David Kaye(BW Megatron)/Tony Jay(ReBoot’s Megabyte) sound to him, and hopefully Signas and the rest will be good.

As for the soundtrack, looks like Code Crush and Lazy Mind may be out, or maybe it’s just for the Japanese side of the disc, which is fortunately an option here. Wouldn’t surprise me in the least if they chose that way to screw us, though.

Edit: It just dawned on me who A&Z(sorta) sound like…

…Enzo and Matrix, from ReBoot.

…that’s actually sorta cool.

LBD “Nytetrayn”