So, I finally got to see The Punisher. It’s been a pretty constant, well-doing rental, so I don’t see what’s so “bad” about it.

I’m something of a Punisher fan, though not exactly hardcore, nor for a long time, but I do know things about the character. I know the movie seemed to be based on the more recent Garth Ennis version, and I know Mickey is from the start of the Punisher War Zone comic, which I was fortunate enough to get the first two arcs of, and then some, for under five bucks thanks to my local comics retailer. So there was one part from that which I really enjoyed seeing in the movie.

Thomas Jane made a good Bradstreet-styled Punisher. He’s not as big as the Punisher I’ve come to know, but then, who is? Without looking like a total freak. But then, I guess in a small way, that’s part of his charm.

He seemed to get his ass kicked more than I’m used to seeing. But again, watching the DVD made me see where they were coming from.

No sign of the van(no idea if he ever drove a custom Mustang in the comics), his state-of-the-art arsenal, or Microchip. But again, I think those are missing from the more modern Punisher, from what I could tell, so again, they did well there.

I didn’t care much for the apartment dwellers, but again, it seems they were in the comics for an arc, “Welcome Back, Frank.” So while I personally would’ve rather had Micro, I can see what they were doing.

Punisher’s origin was told a bit differently, but ultimately, I think the effect here was greater. I suppose this could be like an “Ultimate” version of his origin, in some ways. The setting, circumstances, and people involved were all different, but the result was ultimately the same, I personally feel.

And of course, they had a shitty budget and 50 fucking days to do this thing, in some pretty lousy weather which ate at their time even more. 50 days… that’s not even two months. So I feel that all things considered, they did a damn fine job of bringing The Punisher to life, and I just simply do not understand all the bitching. Yeah, stuff is a bit differnet, but guess what? That’s the fucking movies for you. NOTHING stays the same. Not Batman, not X-Men, not Superman, not Spider-man, and Blade, hell, was a major improvement.

Personally, I want a sequel. The score has been settled. Now I want to see real, hardcore, gangbusting Punisher action. The thieves, the rapists, the murderers… let them all be Punished.

Now, I just have to wonder if this PS2 game I was oblivious to is any good…

LBD “Nytetrayn”