I got to play GameCube’s version of Mega Man X Command Mission for the briefest of periods at work today, just before closing. Like, maybe five minutes. I got to see the opening, and the first little bit.

So far, I like it. Though I had about 3 random encounters in about 5 steps… man, that’s going to be hell. Hope I survive. :B

X’s Action Trigger move is stumping me. I activate it, and as the booklet says, I hold down the button to charge, but get nothing. So then I try tapping it instead, and it only gives me a tiny burst. I won my battles anyway, but still…

I take back what I said about the voices… sort of. Hearing them more in game, no, they aren’t Legends quality, despite being done by Ocean Group, but I still say it’s pretty close, at least compared to most of Capcom’s typical English fare. Why they cheap out on us, I may never understand. Besides the theme music… not bad in its own right, but I just get bugged by what seems like the lower-end of the stick on this stuff. So even if I like what we get, it still bothers me.

As far as the voices, here’s my ranking, from worst to best:

Mega Man 8 < Mega Man X4/Resident Evil(the original) < Mega Man X7 <<<<<<<<<<< Mega Man X Command Mission < Mega Man Legends(series)

So yeah, while Command Mission’s aren’t the greatest on Earth(I’m still quite fond of X’s), they’re still a far step above anything else we’ve been given before, so that’s a big plus in my book. At least it seems like they’re TRYING now, something I can’t say for those beneath CM.

As far as Zero’s goes… like I’ve said, I think Scott McNeil in his normal voice(from what I can tell, it’s like Beast Wars/Machines Silverbolt, but without the bravado in his voice) would be perfect for an English version that sounds not unlike the Japanese version. I don’t see the “surfer dude” tone in his voice, though I can sort of see where that came from. He definitely sounds teenager-ish, with an attitude. Shadow seemed alright, and General Redips(I get that right?) was ok, though he makes me uneasy.

Control is pretty good, for what it needs to be. And the first person to point out that B is dash and that I’m a hypocrite for this after all my vocal displeasure of MMAnniversary Collection can just go take a flying leap, the two play nothing alike.

Interestingly, we didn’t have the PS2 version. Strange, really. I know it’s an item you get further in the game, but I just think if the X8 demo were running at work, that’d be cool… except that we only seem to be getting one copy per console(or at least on GCN), and with it being a new release as well, that means we can’t really keep it in the machine for any length of time, in case someone wants it. Oh well.

Also got to see the Player’s Guide for the game earlier. Flipped through it a little, chiefly reading the opening story(hey Sipher, I hope that nothing happens to Alia that sees you with egg on your face here ;P ), a bit about X, Zero, and Axl, and glancing over their weapons. Now I wish I hadn’t, after seeing what one of X’s is. That’s the kind of stuff that makes one grin from ear to ear when you’re surprised by it. And part of why I so strictly avoid spoilers… not strictly enough, apparently.

On a related topic: anyone check out the Jazwares ad in the back of the CM booklet? If you haven’t, take a look at the silhouette for the coming soon… you’re welcome. ;) I was pushing for that to be in the next wave a LONG time ago, back when the first images started trickling out. Not sure what the accessories are going to be, however, as my contact with them has been rather lackluster as of late. I still haven’t heard back from why I wasn’t made aware the 3″ers I suggested had come out. Finding out through Rockman.EXE Online was a real slap in the face, there… at least they seem to be made pretty decently. Hopefully they’ll be well received, so that phase 2 of my idea might come to fruition…

LBD “Nytetrayn”