I never knew that Rotten Tomatoes did game reviews. Red mentions the site often enough, but only for movies.

Interesting to me, natch, are the Mega Man scores. X7 got an unbelievable 0%(60% and over constitutes a “fresh” tomato, just so you know. Yes, that’s a good thing). I know X7 has it’s problems, but I think that’s a bit TOO harsh.

Despite this, I have found a few reviews that are pretty good. Here are a few Mega Man game reviews from past titles I thought were pretty good, and described things in fairness:

Mega Man Zero: I really do agree with the views of how the application of difficulty has spoiled the first title of the series. And when you think about what is said here, they could apply the factors used in this game to ANY Mega Man game, and it would be quite challenging.

Mega Man Zero: Another MMZ review, this one discusses my other big gripe with Mega Man Zero… the content, or as he sees it, the translation. When you think about it, translation goes just beyond the words on the screen… it goes into any changes made to the product, and I agree with this review that a significant portion of the meaning is lost here. If you don’t read any of the other reviews here, read this one at least, as it echoes what I’ve thought for awhile now.

Mega Man Anniversary Collection(GameCube): It’s no secret, this is the game that pushed me over the edge and made me declare that I hate Capcom USA’s guts. Yeah, I know Atomic Planet did the coding, but that doesn’t let Capcom off the hook. They’re the Kingpin of this whole thing, and AP are merely their thugs. MMAC, as I’ve said before, is Capcom spitting on Mega Man’s anniversary cupcake.

Mega Man Anniversary Collection(GameCube): “Control: 1.0 – There?s no excuse for screwing up a TWO BUTTON LAYOUT.” Well put.

Mega Man Network Transmission: The game that could be credited with the birth of the “NT Warrior” name, by the same fellow who did the second MMZ review up there. Here, he looks at how Mega Man moves forward and backward all at the same time in one game, and the catastrophic implementation of the Battle Chips into side-scrolling.

20% is what Rotten averaged the scores as.

Incredibly, one of my late-blooming favorites(thanks in no small part to the Ultimate Armor, the ultimate game patch), Mega Man X6, barely made the “Fresh” rating.

Incidently, I don’t know what this guy is smoking… maybe he got some odd beta of X6? I know that on my copy, the level maps did NOT randomize… the closest thing was Ground Scaravich’s stage, where the totem poles transported you to a random area. Random levels was an unfulfilled promise that Capcom continued to advertise anyway up to the point they’d sold their every last copy of the game.

…and was the opening really J-pop? Seemed more like some kind of rock to me.

And that’s enough for now, if I spot any more insightful reviews(as opposed to the “omg I playeded this before, tis is teh b0ring” crap reviews MM games are notorious for receiving), I’ll try and see to posting them here.

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