This bit came up at the Capcom forums:

GameFAQs user, The Chuckination, sent an e-mail to Atomic Planet asking why the original MM7 ending was altered in Anniversary Collection…

Chuckination’s e-mail:

“Sorry if you have been asked this thousands of time already, but I am curious as to why the ending to MM7 was cut short. The original SNES version had an animation of Megaman walking away from Wily’s castle burning down while it showed the eight bosses from the game. The Anniversary Collection just has a black screen with credits. Anyways, I am just wondering why the change was made. Any feedback will be appreciated. Thank you.”

Atomic Planets reply:

“The ending you speak of is the Japanese ending, MM7 in MM:AC is based on the American source code, and has a different ending ? one where only a Capcom logo flashes up believe it or not. It was felt that this was not good enough so we started to re-code the Japanese ending into the game. Now I do not know if you are aware of this, but the SNES is really a very lovely piece of hardware, and has a ton of specialist raster based tricks it can perform to obtain graphical effects on screen. Both the PS2, and NGC are not raster based, they are polygon based, because of this, certain of the effects used at the end of the Japanese game just were not possible to copy for what really is only a single instance, at the end of the game, so a compromise between the Japanese ending, and the American one was agreed on, and it is this that is present at the end of the game.”

Okay, now I know what you’re all thinking, and I’m right there with you: WTF!?

Other than the typical translation changes, the North American ending of Mega Man 7 was identical to the Japanese version. Why this AP employee said otherwise is beyond me, and just makes me question the unknown development studio even more-so. Geez.

Link to Mega Man 7 Ending:

And as for not being able to replicate the SNES effects, that’s understandble, but I still don’t know why they removed the eight robot masters posing, Bass standing atop the cliff, and the Super Eddie scene.

Oh well…


As for not being able to replicate the effects, I’ve seen it done online with animated gifs. I don’t believe they couldn’t have tossed a few of those in. As for the very end, the photograph scene, that’s pure in-game graphics there.

And of course, it was all in the US version of Mega Man 7, too.

Which means that, to quote Joe Pesci in “My Cousin Vinny”…

“Everyting dis’ guy says is bull*PLOP!*.” *goes back to sit down*

So, there we have it. AP are now certifiable idiots, and think we are, too.

LBD “Nytetrayn”