Know what? Fuck Battle Network 3. For all the good stuff I’d said about it, it just reached a point where it’s too damn annoying early in the game. At first the random encounters don’t seem to come as much, but after the first boss, they amp it up, and they won’t let you run from a fucking FISHY!!! Add to that no recharges between battles, a carryover from 2, unless you spend a fortune on Subchips, add to that strategically set-up enemies that ENSURE you’ll get your ass kicked when they consistently fail to give you the chips you need!

And I also hate these damn Swordy viruses. They don’t give Longswords half the time, and when I DO get them, they aren’t a code that can go with my Sword and Wide Sword. So no PA for me which would’ve been SO handy so often.

I swear, were this game not Mega Man, I’d never have touched it. And if it weren’t for the fact that I like the story, art, music, characters… in other words, everything but the stuff above that interupts the FUN, I’d drop the whole damn thing.

This is why God gave us Gamesharks, Pro Action Replays, and the like. I don’t care what any company thinks of them, maybe if they’d LAY OFF the “fuck the player over” factor in these games, the companies making these devices would go out of business.

It’s just crazy. Getting a low Virus busting rank when you beat it as fast as humanly possible with what THEY give you… they can just fuck off.

Sort of makes me wonder if this is why ShoPro has gone to such lengths to separate the games from every other license of the property over here… to keep kids away from the frustrating part. On the other hand, kids seem to like it more. Maybe it’s the ones with less stress in their daily lives, and the ones who can devote more time to playing games as opposed to job hunting, working, running to the bank, paying the bills with their teeth, etc. Maybe those people and Comic Book Guy from The Simpsons are who this shit is made for. I dunno.

Capcom says that when MM9 comes out, it’ll be aimed at the oldschool, those who grew up with Mega Man. If that’s the case, I hope they keep the old style of challenge to it, rather than adding a dumptruck of “fuck you over and up the ass” bullshit wholesale slaughter to it.

LBD “Nytetrayn”