That’s how I oft find myself describing the look, and moreso the writing, of the Fong/Augustyn MegaMan comic book from Dreamwave. Doing a little research, I never knew just how on the mark I was about that.

For those who don’t know, this isn’t Mr. Brian Augustyn’s first work. He’s done things with comic books such as The Flash, Justice League, and Batman. He’s also done a few other things, which I present to you, which I feel is the experience he has drawn the most from when writing MegaMan.

Exhibit A: The One-Man Justice League.

Exhibit B: Speed Trap.

Exhibit C: The Swarm.

I’ve read two of these, if not all three, while working at Toys R Us. Long nights of work sampling with little to do between segments can send you scrambling for reading material. And while these aren’t bad, I will say that I think that if these stories were tried as they are in comics today, he’d be lynched.

Pity they remind me so of his work in an actual comic book…

LBD “Nytetrayn”