Got to talking on IRC, #megaman-network earlier about MegaMan Legends a little bit. I figure the biggest problem with the series in general is that alot of it comes off as unmemorable.

It just lacks some of what the other series have, specifically with the Reaverbots. In other series, you have you Sniper Joes, your Metools, Bladers, X-drones, etc. Colorful characters. Unique. Even if you don’t know the names, it probably doesn’t take you long to recall a fair number of enemies from either of the first two series, maybe even Battle Network or Zero.

In Legends, most of them are like “that guy, that does the thing with the things”, unless you want to go so far as to include major story-based characters such as Tron, Glyde, Teisel, Bola, Sera, or Juno. Enemies with voices, let’s just say. If they don’t have a voice, it’s probably alot harder to recall them. They’re unique cases.

Reeve of MegaMan Network would seem to agree, as his big Boss Battle Royal series of polls essentially excluded Legends. It consisted of your standard bosses, not major characters. CutMan, Chill Penguin, Harpuia, FireMan EXE, guys like that(not to undermine any of them, but your Sigmas, Viles, Dr. Wilys, etc. were left out).

I remember a handful of Reaverbots at best, without racking my brain. The weird alligator suitcase ones, the guys with the shields, and those horsemen from the first are about it. If I REALLY try, I can think of more. But they don’t come to mind as easily as other ones, even if I don’t know the names of X enemies or whatever.

The other problem could be in the music. While it’s by no means BAD, I just find I don’t remember much of it after I stop playing. It just doesn’t stick with me, for the most part. I can find myself humming boss music out of classic, X games, stuff like that all the time. Legends, maybe the J-themes, or the title screen stuff. And the MoTB Servbot theme is totally unforgettable.

Anyway, I love the Legends games, the story and characters especially. But I can’t help but wonder if these might not be contributing factors to Legends’ alleged lack of popularity, their lack of new games. Maybe the reason we haven’t seen a new chapter is Capcom’s team trying to get around this, without invalidating the scenario, the theme of their world as it is. It’d be a tough trick to turn, that’s for sure.

LBD “Nytetrayn”