Damn, I missed Armada today. But at least I got the new issue of MegaMan! Oh, wait…
And yes, there be spoilers.

Let’s see, where to start. First, the cover. Felt rather misleading, somehow. The whole “MegaMan Vs. the falling sky” thing is basically your opening, and doesn’t seem to play a terribly huge part in the issue as a whole, except to show off yet another superheroic deed of the Blue Bomber. On the bright side, a REAL Robot Master is responsibe for the havoc, and not who you’d likely expect, either.

Oh yeah, and he uses Rush Jet to fly this time. Finally… glad the cover was misleading on the “swooping, diving to save the day” part, sans Rush…

I think they added an effect to the cover so that the big MegaMan without a hand in the corner is folding back the cover to peek out in his aggitated way…

In other news: MegaMan’s friend is a chode. Also, why exactly the Boltz Bros. may have it in for MegaMan becomes alot more apparent. The downside is, well…

…the name may be more apt than we thought, and not in a “Lan and Hub” kind of way, either.

It goes down like this. The three lugnuts are beating the hell out of MegaMan(or Rocky if you prefer) after school. In fact, the big one(I believe) ends up getting a piece of a pull-up bar and gets ready to bludgeon Rocky nice and good with it, when he’s stopped by their uncle.

As it happens, this uncle wears a white lab coat, has crazy white hair surrounding a big bald spot, and a wild mustache. Any guesses?

…no, it’s NOT Super Mario post-retirement. He’d still be wearing the hat, I’m sure.

Anyway, this leads me to believe one of the following:

1) These guys are robots. It’d explain how they can thwomp MegaMan with ease.

2) They’re just really strong humans, and Rocky is a wuss.

Either way, I’m feeling a villainous Donald Duck complex here. Can’t say I much care for it…

Oh yeah, I hate it when I like a series’ villain more by virtue of the fact they’re the villain. Seems to be happening here…

Another bright spot to me(believe it or not) is that this series seems to take place without ANYthing from the games being a past-tense factor, which is evident as MegaMan has no idea who Dr. Wily is. The downside? MegaMan has no idea who Dr. Wily is, which totally and completely destroys MegaMan’s backstory.

Hope nobody out there liked Auto.

That reminds me, the mysterious Robot Master whom can multiply himself endless times… isn’t GeminiMan.

The issue ends on a cliffhanger. Felt really weird how that one was done.

Oh yeah, Dr. Light runs his mouth about his Independant Determination chip, why he made it, shown to a neat part where some guy on the sidewalk puts out his cigarette on a nearby bot, and I think throwing the butt into its treads.

So, we have perhaps two similar goals by two separate scientists over the course of the series(this is total speculation based only on Light’s bit here, btw). Scientist A feels that the answer to the above problem is to give all robots a chip so that the next time someone uses them for an ashtray, they can politely say “Excuse me sir, please don’t do that. The walking ashcan is right over there *points to a Flip-Top*”.

Scientist B, ever so noble, creates his own alternative, so that in the above scenario, the robot’s virus takes over as the robot feasts upon the human’s entrails in an orgy of the blood and the kicking and the screaming and the hurting, nyoy-hey…

Anyway, Light goes on to say how this is the FINAL version of the chip, which gets under my skin after the haphazard explanation of “maybe this is the prototype for what becomes X”… yeah, I suppose that could work… unfortunately, I see it perhaps ending in a way that many people seem to have incorrectly speculated since the beginning of another X-citing series, in that MegaMan and his futuristic cousin are one in the same.

Oh yeah, apparently there were earlier versions of the chips. If you can’t figure out what that means with Issue 1’s ending and Issue 3’s cover… well, I’d draw you a picture, but that’s two already.

My favorite part of the book, believe it or not, came in the letters section. Not to tip my hand, but let’s just say I’ve not given up my ambition of writing for this book, and what I read there plays into my plans VERY well… very well indeed, yeeeeeeess….

Oh, Street Fighter was an absolute joy to read, just like last time. These folks at Udon are real fans who are actually able to WORK within boundaries given by the established footnotes of the series upon which their work is based.

LBD “Nytetrayn”