Newsarama apparently put up an article featuring some questions/comments with DW MegaMan creators Brian Augustyn and Mic Fong regarding the new series. Below is the article, with my comments non-italicized, more or less as I replied to the post at Dreamwave. Anyway, it’s an interesting interview that provides a bit of insight.

“Hold on to your joysticks. Next week, 15 years after he debuted as a videogame character, Mega Man becomes the star of his own comic book series by Dreamwave, which also serves to kick off DW?s line of Capcom-based comic projects. Newsarama chatted with writer Brian Augustyn and artist Mic Fong about the little blue guy.

Facing and encountering greater and more dangerous challenges in the form on robots and other menaces must be a breeze for the legendary video game superstar, but is he prepared for? high school? ?The world’s smallest action hero will be our star of course,? Project Manager Graham Cruz said. ?His encounters with the evil robot masters will supply plenty of bang for the buck. We’re also sending him to junior high to learn how to fit in and make friends. The villains are nothing compared to school social strata when it comes to evil, though… There’s a budding romance for him too. That ought to be a blast. The Blue Bomber is so much fun to put into action, but I’m enjoying his reluctant quest to become more human too.?

I can appreciate the idea of giving MegaMan a new spin, but what worries me is that in most of these articles and interviews I’ve seen, it sounds more like the whole school thing is the primary focus, with stuff like fighting Wily and Robot Masters, etc. being the secondary focus…

BTW, the article says high, but the stuff before has said junior high/middle. Is that still the case?

Augustyn, who?s also writing another Japanese import, Duel Masters, provided a brief introduction into the origin of Mega Man. ?He’s the creation of robotics whiz, Dr. Light, who’s raised the boy-bot like a beloved son. Thanks to the Doctor’s genius, the robot is able to think and feel for himself — he’s almost human! When he goes to school, he goes as Rocky Light. But when trouble strikes or danger calls, he becomes Mega Man, champion and defender of the citizens of Mega City. Game fans will recognize our Mega; he has the arm cannon, the boot boosters, the dogged determination to triumph over evil always.?

To be honest, I’ve never heard anyone ever associate boot boosters with MegaMan. Except maybe X’s dash move. And I’ve mentioned the odd conflict of Rock being able to think, feel, etc. and the purpose of X before, no need to retread there.

And I’m still curious… is MegaMan known to Light, Roll, etc. as Rock normally, or is he always “MegaMan” to them, and “Rocky Light” something they came up with for him to use at school.

A known writer who?s works include other teen-oriented properties such as Crimson and Out There, Augustyn?s talents have not gone unnoticed by the publisher. ?I was kindly invited to join the project by DW editorial honcho, James McDonough. I guess I’ve done some things with younger characters that led him to think of me in connection with Mega Man. I’m certainly glad he did, I’m having a blast.?

As for his new collaborator on the project, Mic Fong, one could say that the Hong Kong artist got involved purely by a chance meeting on the Internet. ?Sometime ago, I met [Dreamwave President] Pat Lee on the Internet by chance. After he knew that I am working as a penciller and inker in Hong Kong, he asked me to do some Transformers series jobs. Until early this year, he said they had a great project going to be launched, and Pat thought of me? Then, here I am, the penciller and inker of Mega Man.?

The ?Net sure brings the world closer these days.

Can’t argue that. I met my wife through the internet via her MegaMan X fansite.

Other than Mega Man, who else would be making their comics debut? Newsarama provided a list of familiar Mega Man characters and Augustyn was kind enough to provide a glimmer of hope, or otherwise.

Mega Man X? ?Not so far.?

No problem there. Let’s get the original cast some visibility before anything else; X has enough publicity through recent games for now, anyway.

Mega Man Exe & Lan? ?Ditto, but it could happen.?

Er… k. Not holding my breath here, especially as oversaturated as they are overall nowadays. Not that I dislike it, but I think crossing into AUs is overkill ;P

Bass? ?A distinct possibility.?

I still hope we meet him in a civilian form first, without knowing, to later find out he’s really the Big Bad Black Master of Disaster.

Rush? ?Yep, he’s in the first issues and will stay around.?

I’d hope so; he’s been on a few of the covers so far ;P

Dr. Thomas Light? ?Yes, we can’t have Mega without his “dad.”

…why even ask? ;P Might as well ask if MegaMan is in the book ;P

Zero? ?Not for the time being.?

See X, times two. ;P ‘Sides, I think half the fandom would be disappointed if Zero himself(and not, say, some blueprints or something) showed and didn’t kill off the entire cast. ;P

Roll? ?She doesn’t have a big – pardon the pun – role in the first storyline, but she is there.?

That reminds me: as many people have asked, why isn’t she going to school with Rock?

Data? ?Not so far.?

And hopefully not for another 36000 issues, save for Easter Eggs or a Legends comic ;P

Ciel? ?Never say never.?

NEVER! NEVER! Or at least not for a good 2400 issues, or a MMZ series(or an Easter Egg, natch). ;P

As for the villains? Dr. Wiley? ?It’s only natural that Dr. Light’s greatest rival should show up, isn’t it??

Almost to the point of insulting. Speaking of whom, is “Wiley” the new official spelling? What’s the MM&B CD Database say?

King? Dynamo Man? Cold Man? Ground Man? Pirate Man? Burner Man? Magic Man? Teasel Bonne? ?Some more likely than others, but MM has a great cast of villains. I get to make up a few of my own as well.?

1-7(SOMEone likes MM&B, don’t they?), cool. Teasel, see Data.

Servbots? ?Look for ‘em.?

*bangs head on desk* I hope he means as an Easter Egg of some kind…

Frankly, for the record, I’m NOT opposed to the idea of crossing all these characters from five different series over. But if that’s going to be the case, I think as much should be said, and the book shouldn’t really be pitched as an “original series” book so much as a book loosely based on the different MegaMan series.

Btw, anyone else find it ironic that the two most justified in appearing(X and Zero) are the least likely from the looks of things? Me too.

Working on a comic is one thing, but have the creators played the games before? ?I am eye-hand-uncoordinated generally, but I have played a few of the Play Station games. My daughters are much better players and keep me honest and focused, though. I’ve focused mostly on the classic games (since that’s the version we’re doing), but all the games look very cool.?

Not sure exactly how to reply to that, so I won’t. I stand by my above statement of how the book is being promoted, though.

As for Fong: ?I am not a games enthusiast, to tell you the truth. I prefer to play fighting, action and shooting games. The one I like to play most is Street Fighter, SNK vs Capcom and RockmanX7. But I?ve liked Mega Man since he came out the first time in Japan – the game was very funny and the little blue guy was so attractive!?

I didn’t say this on the DW board so as to be nice. But this isn’t the DW board, it’s my LJ, so I’m saying it here: o_O;;;

Take that as you will.

And I’m sure the irony of the two main creative behind the book not being MegaMan game players has been pointed out. Not to say they can’t do the job, I’m not saying that. I just think it’s ironic.

?No, it is not my first published book,? Fong said, when asked if this is his first published work. ?I?ve published much work in Hong Kong, most of them are for teenagers. Although it is not my first published work, but it is the first time I?ve worked with a North American publisher. I never learned how to draw comics from formal schools or courses. Actually, there is no such schools or courses in Hong Kong. But I did join some design?s course when I was young. Japanese style comics do influence me the most. Akatukigomoku, Yoshiza Kimine, Masahiko Nakahira are my most favorite artists. I really hope that more people will know about me by these series. Moreover, I hope Mega Man fans will enjoy these comics.?

…that IS the hope.

Augustyn said that his first and foremost mission with the book is to capture the sense of fun from the videogames, and share that with readers. ?I plan to do exciting, funny, action-packed stories,? the writer added. ?Dreamwave is always a dream, the crew up there is terrific and very supportive. Mic is a genius, I’m convinced. His art makes everything so much better. Even the jokes are funnier.?

?I know several Dreamwave team members,? Fong said. ?They are all very kind and willing to explain things for me patiently? as my English is not good. Especially Pat Lee and Graham Cruz, the Project Manager, I would like to take the chance to and say ?thanks? to them. They are always so busy, but still have been so patient with me. Besides, I really enjoy Brian?s story. It’s so amazing, I really think that our books will become the favorite comics among Mega Man?s fans!?

Despite not being a games enthusiast, Augustyn spoke highly of Mega Man fans. ?I think they’re amazingly dedicated and very well organized. I’m impressed and motivated by their knowledge — especially motivated not to get things wrong.?

Oh yeah. I didn’t say this on DW’s board, again, but… he doesn’t seem THAT motivated to me. ;P

?I hope the tale of the outsider who fights to make a difference is always relevant,? Augustyn added. ?And according to my daughters, everything I remember of the social nightmare that school can be is still true.?

Mega Man #1 will feature a regular cover by Fong, a holo-foil cover with Fong?s artwork as well, and a third, alternate cover with art by Human Torch?s Skottie Young.”

So there’s a further peek of what’s to come.

LBD “Nytetrayn”